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For over 40 years, Schramm has developed and produced synthetic yarns to supply to clients throughout Europe and around the world. With a continued and dedicated focus on innovation and quality, Schramm works closely with partners to ensure product lines offer exceptional artificial grass yarns which are easy and consistent to tuft.

Our skilled and knowledgeable team is in place to ensure every stage of working with Schramm is straight-forward for our clients. From product development and technical information, through to sales and delivery, our clients’ needs and high expectations stand at the core of how we operate.

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A little bit of history

Established in 1979 and situated in Rahden, Germany, Schramm has been at the forefront of innovation in the development and production of monofilament yarns for artificial grass for over four decades.

Our RAHDO® product lines allow us to supply clients around the world with synthetic yarns for use in sports, leisure, and landscaping turf. Alongside our trusted range of core products, the launch of the RAHDO Eco range demonstrates our ongoing commitment to sustainability with yarns made using recycled materials.

In 2017, Schramm was acquired by established Dutch carpet company Edel Group BV. This change was fueled by a desire to secure and strengthen the future of the business, whilst ensuring that Schramm’s existing and new clients would benefit from increased resources for innovation and development.

Since May 2021, Edel Group including Schramm have been part of Victoria PLC, a leading British flooring company. The artificial grass companies owned by Victoria ensure a strong and reliable supply chain for clients invested at every stage of the manufacture and distribution of synthetic turf.

Today, our five extrusion lines, operating on a four-shift basis, set the foundation for us to produce and deliver synthetic yarns for clients around the world. Our skilled workforce operates from our modern production facility and are supported by regional sales contacts, in place to serve our clients locally and for many years to come.

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Schramm ESTC member

As a member of the ESTC, we actively and proudly support the growth, promotion, and development of the synthetic turf industry. Our role as a global producer of synthetic yarns for both the sports and landscaping sectors places us at the heart of the industry and we welcome the activities, efforts, and commitment of the ESTC to support the work of its members.

Schramm ISO 50001 certified

Schramm is ISO 50001 Energy Management certified as we believe in the importance of having clear management systems and processes for continual improvement in place. As a manufacturer, we acknowledge the impact that our production can have on the world but we are dedicated to minimising this through measurement and monitoring to ensure an efficient use of energy.

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