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RAHDO Technical yarns have been developed in partnership with a number of our long-standing clients to deliver solutions for specific artificial grass challenges. Collaborative working is a key part of our research and development process and the synthetic yarns which have been created to form the RAHDO Technical range are available for all clients to benefit from.

As well as yarns for artificial grass and hybrid sports turf, RAHDO Technical products can be used in other industries, including automotive and printing.

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RAHDO Technical offers a range of bi-component synthetic yarn options for use in a variety of applications and industries. With specialized features and capabilities, the RAHDO Technical yarns provide solutions outside of the standard synthetic yarn requirements.

Within this range, there are products which offer extreme stiffness or extreme flexibility. There are yarns which have low melting points or high melting points. Synthetic fibers with high “printability” are also available for manufacturers who will print onto tufted products.

For hybrid sports turf, RAHDO Technical yarns can be used in woven and stitched systems. Some of our clients also tuft professional-level soccer turf products using RAHDO Technical.

Additionally, RAHDO Technical is suitable for other specialist applications, such as scraping yarns for door mats, for various uses in the automotive industry, and as polyamide fibers for industrial printing.

As well as standard options, RAHDO Technical yarns can also be ordered as single filament products or in low filament count bundles.

The innovative and technical developments achieved through the RAHDO Technical range highlight the skill and experience of our team and also our willingness to work closely with our clients to ensure there is always a product available to meet your needs.

Technical specs & custom orders of RAHDO products

Our comprehensive RAHDO range of synthetic yarns has been designed to suit a number of applications and turf types. To receive technical information or detailed specifications for any of our products, please click the button and send us your request.

Additionally, if you’d like to discuss customised products to suit any specialist requirements, we’d love to hear from you and work with you to ensure you have access to the yarns that you need. Get in touch with us here

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As a member of the ESTC, we actively and proudly support the growth, promotion, and development of the synthetic turf industry.

Schramm is ISO 50001 Energy Management certified as we believe in the importance of having clear management systems and processes for continual improvement in place.

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